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​Commitment to Lunenburg
​by David Grossman, Publisher

    I would like to wish everybody in town the Happiest and Healthiest for the upcoming Holiday Season. I have enjoyed running the town newspaper for the past 20 years. I've seen the town grow, people coming and going, new businesses and civic groups, and the ever changing landscape of new buildings along with the demolition of old ones.  
    How times have changed. When I first moved here I saw a newspaper at the Gulf Station (back then Exxon station) entitled The Trilogy. It was supposed to be a paper for Townsend, Lunenburg and Ashby. It just had press releases from the three towns. There was always The Sentinel, but its a daily paper and covers a large area. I didn't want to read it or The Telegram every day for Lunenburg news. There was also a guy named Bill MacMunn who was going around town and wanted a town newspaper. Well, one thing happened after another and suddenly there is a weekly newspaper in Lunenburg.  
    These days if you want Lunenburg news, you hop on Facebook and ask, “Does anyone know when the next election is?” Who needs a newspaper? After a few cups of coffee, someone will send you a link or actually let you know. Really?  
    From what I see on today's social media there are a lot of Lunenburg folks who truly like or dare I say love the town. They care about the businesses that are here. There is a heartfelt desire to keep the center of town a civic center. I've seen a lot of chat about drivers using Rt. 13 as a race track or falsely accusing truckers going over 30 MPH on Highland Street. Bottom line is residents are interested in everything “Lunenburg.”
    For those of you who subscribe to the paper, please stop reading here and enjoy the rest of the paper. And for all you readers who live in Lunenburg and don't subscribe, I am asking you to commit to the paper for 2 years for only $40. The regular price is $80. Go to our website and use PayPal to sign up.
    If you plan on being around town, I urge you to subscribe. I realize that a portion of you like the fact that the Ledger is around because its good to have a town paper but don't want to spend the money to subscribe. This is the foundation of New England town pride. Its where neighborhoods can come together. This summer, there was a concert on the former Lane property. Residents, including myself, were concerned. But instead of using the newspaper as a source to reflect local concern, a couple drove around local neighborhoods and stuffed mailboxes with information. Was it accurate? Was it even legal? 
    Instead of guessing Lunenburg news, why don't you support The Ledger. If you care about what's going on in town, why can't you commit to the town resource for accurate information all year round? You're paying real estate taxes. Don't you want to know how the town spends your money? Get involved. Write letters. We want to hear from you, but please make the commitment to support The Ledger.  
    I don't need to tell you what's in the paper because you get it free four times a year. The bottom line is that if you can commit to Lunenburg to live, to play, to relax, to explore, or to do whatever you do in town, you can commit $.40/week for a town newspaper.
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